11 Months Old Baby Raped By Her 27years Old Uncle

11 Months Old Baby Raped By Her 27years Old Uncle


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Eleven months old baby raped by her 27year old uncle. Source reaching us said, her mother left her in the care of the uncle to run some errand.

While the mother was out, the supposed uncle set out to violate the baby. Ibrahim was said to first start defiling the baby by inserting his fingers into her vagina.

He then went on to have forced penetration with his penis which of course put the baby in much pain thereby crying out in agony.

This cry of agony attracted neighbours who came to rescue the baby from Ibrahim, who was then immediately handed to the local police. Ibrahim was arrested and still being held while investigation is being carried out.

Meanwhile the 11months old baby is currently in  intensive care unit in an undisclosed hospital. This incident reportedly happened in Ijebu-ode area, Ogun state in western Nigeria.


She was just some months old, what animal has done this, only a very sick person, a pervert, a mentally deranged being that is not fit to live amongst humans.

What does the future hold for this traumatised child. How do you repair this damage? How do you even make sense of this? How can this happen. What is wrong with our society?

This is just evil!!

How many children has this pervert and rapist molested, how was this man left loose in society until a heinous crime like this had to be committed