Mental illness In The Family, Seek Help And Support

Mental illness In The Family, Seek Help And Support


Disturbing images !! Readers Discretion advised !!

Thirty four years old man Emmanuel Ogah killed his mother Janet This happened in Ogun state on saturday the 11th of this month.

An argument with his mum at the restaurant she sells food resulted in her son murdering her in cold blood. He claimed he felt let down by his mum scolding him in the presence of her workers. He got angry, took a knife and ripped out her intestines.

Further reports from his elder brother claimed Emmanuel had mental disorder…..

I said this before and again am saying it here, we need to start recognising and accepting  the naked truth about some of our family members do actually suffer from mental issues.

The fact of all this is the refusal for a family to be identified as having a mental person as a relative.  Family go all the way to ensure this illness when detected within family members is kept top secret  to avoid stigmatisation.

One day it comes to bite us hard, at times harder than we ever thought, from recent stories of 11 months old babies being raped by 27years old man to a 10years girl child being.

Communities and society needs to wake up to the reality of this illness and start seeking for help once its detected in any family members. Its not something that should be managed in secret or some might allude it to some super natural causes and hence choose to deal with it in secrecy.

There is nothing to be ashamed about, please support relatives with mental issues to seek for proper help and support to manage the condition. There is so much advanced treatment out there, we don’t have to carry this cross in secret. This is what happens when a mentally sick person breaks down. if this family had seek for medical help and support, am sure triggers would have being identified associated with his mental state. Family would have being supported on how to manage and avoid triggers.

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  1. A problem hidden surly turns out to b a massive unfortunate event that would entertain the society at the end. When you have a problem share it and then solutions will come, what is the stigma compared our unpleasant demise… We really need to get educated
    May her soul rest in peace

  2. how a son killed his own mother in cold blood just because she scold him in the presence of her workers. now they say he is sick in the head. my believe is that evil run through his vain. I pray he pay for is sin because even the Bible say he who kill by the sword most die by the the sword.

  3. I believe he has been nursing it in his mind that he will kill his own mother. He Just have to pay for his sin.