22-year Old Lady Arrested For Stealing Twenty Children And Selling Each At...

22-year Old Lady Arrested For Stealing Twenty Children And Selling Each At N150,000


A 22-year-old Chinaza Onwuasoany who was arrested by the Special Armed Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Anambra State Police Command for allegedly stealing twenty children and selling each one for the cost of N150,000 has  confessed to her involvement in crime.

It was gathered that after being impregnated by her boyfriend in Lagos, the accused then relocated to Anambra State but refused to reunite with her parents out of shame.

After the birth of her child, she was later introduced to one Goodness, a 45-year-old woman who runs an orphanage, which police claimed was a cover for child trafficking.

Onwuasoanya was said to have got entangled when she   handed her baby to the woman in exchange for the sum of N150,000. From there on, she confessed into embarking in child trafficking in order to make more money to cater for herself.

Narrating her involvement,

“Onwuasoanya told Sunday Sun:  “I got into child trafficking two years ago. I have sold 20 male and female children to Madam Goodness who operates the orphanage. She paid me between N150,000 and N200,000 for each baby I sold to her.”

I got to know her when I became pregnant and gave birth to a girl on October 4, 2013.  After I delivered the baby, a friend introduced me to Madam Goodness.”

“I took my daughter to her and she gave me N150,000.00, to take care of myself. After that time, I decided to go into child trafficking by kidnapping children coming back from school or getting them in the street.”

“Then I would take them to Madam Goodness. And she would sell them between N150,000 and N200,000. But I was arrested on May 1, 2017, when I stole a set of twins at an estate in Onitsha and took them to my house. Suddenly the father of the twins traced me to my house and came with policemen and I was arrested.”

 The accused, a native of Ebenebe, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State, also made shocking confession of her involvement in the killing of two policemen, Inspector Shuaibu Usman and Sergeant Julius Matthew of Police Mobile Force 29 in February, 2017 at Nkpor fly-over, Onitsha and took their AK-47 rifles, which were later used to commit robberies.

She also assisted the SARS in the arrest of three members of the gang, Ifeanyi Onwukwe a.k.a Nger, 22, Chidubem Osita a.k.a Kabaka, 23, and Chijioke Obi a.k.a Abababa, who is 23 years old, with other six members at large. She confessed of making up to N50,000 and N80,000 in various robberies.

Filled with regret, she laments;

“I have regretted what I did. My parents are alive. It was my friend who introduced me to child trafficking and which led me to armed robbery today,”

Also, one of the suspects of her robbery gang, Onwukwe, confessed to Sunday Sun of their involvement in the killing of the two policemen:

“It is true that we killed two policemen at Nkpor, we went with one vehicle and three motorcycles which we always used for our robbery operations. We always met at the football field at Nkpor to plan our strategies. The SARS operatives recovered an AK47 rifle from us. We used the AK47 rifle to carry out our operations.”

Goodness who denied her engagement in child trafficking but admitted to running an orphanage home said:

“Students who got pregnant come to us to deliver their babies, and we take care of them. Also children whose parents died are brought to us too. I don’t sell children rather I take care of them. I have never known Chinasa Onwuasoanya in my life.”


  1. This the act of wickedness hope she rout in jail. She sorry. this what I call medicine after death

  2. Can u Imagine magdalene, ? ……medicine after death indeed, she and her gang must pay for their act of wickedness to serve as deterrorants to others not to go into crime.