Finally Got Rid…The Naive Me….Lesson Learnt..

Finally Got Rid…The Naive Me….Lesson Learnt..




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So I called her and she basically told me that she and Antony did not break up until him and I had been in a relationship for a whole year! And do you know why they broke up ? Well if you cast your mind to part 1 of this story, remember when he put me on hold to ‘speak to a family member’?, he was actually on the phone to Sarah.M, cussing her for adding me and breaking up with her for it. And although I’m ashamed to admit this, the fact that he broke up with her, choosing me instead, gave me a little bit of comfort smh. So anyway, she also told me about times that he had cheating on her in that same year that I was with him, which means he was also inadvertently cheating on me as well. For example, he had gone to his nephews christening party which I was aware of…the part unbeknownst to me was that at the party he took some slut into the toilet and had sex with her … Sarah.M also informed me that she had actually seen me in the flesh a couple of times, going to his house (she did not live far from him).

As all of this was unfolding, suddenly everything became  crystal clear, and it was as if a smokescreen had finally cleared and allowed me to view things retrospectively. For example the fact that although we had been in a relationship, I did not go to his house, or even knew where he lived for a whole year. At the time, I didn’t really question that because, being from a Nigerian household, I didn’t see any reason why I should be in his fathers house in the first place, similarly he would not be in mine so I didn’t see any cause for concern. In fact I remember the first time he took me to his ‘house’, I was shocked when his best friend Gerry opened the door…apparently he was only joking about me going to his house, in fact I remember being at the door and before knocking he jokingly said ‘are you ready to meet my dad ?” kmt. Talking to Sarah on the phone, made me realise that there were so may clues that there was another female in the picture, I was just too in love and naive to see the truth. And I’m sad to say the story gets worse… I cant remember exactly how things unfolded, but afterwards, it was as if nothing had happened. I had a really good cry about it, cussed him, got all my emotions out, and then…we had sex…As im writing this sentence I am shaking my head, I cannot believe how stupid I was because of course this was not the last time he cheated on me, and I confess it actually wasn’t the first time, but if I’m to write about all his indiscretions I’d have to put it in a 100 page book smh.

Im sure you’d be surprised to find out that even after all the bullshit he put me through, seven years down the line, we are still friends, in fact he is actually one of my best friends. Trust me that did not happen overnight though…when we broke up the final time, we did not speak for a year, then afterwards we just reconnected and built a good friendship, and to be honest I fell like we were never meant to be together as we work so well being just friends. In fact, as I was writing this, I actually called him and read out the FB convo between Sarah.M and I, and do you know what his response was ? “The two of you have no life…you see, we could have been so so happy together, we could even be together right now” (God forbid ooo! Lol), I responded by saying, sarcastically of course “oh no, your so right, I’m so so so sorry for ruinng things, if only I had just minded my own business smh”…Lol when I tell people my story, they can’t believe I am still talking to the silly goat, let alone calling him my best friend, but I guess that’s just the dynamic of our friendship. And besides, he has always had his own relationship woes, which gives me some joy, KARMA IS A BITCH! Hehehe…

So that’s the end of my story folks, of the young naïve me, I won’t say there are any lessons to be taken from my story, I just thought it would be good to share as i’m sure 99.9999 percent of us females all have our own tales to tell which is the unfortunate truth. I just hope that for anyone who has been in their own similar situations, you were able to take away your own lessons from your experience and hopefully did not put yourselves to be in that position again.


  1. Mine is almost like urs only he cheated on me for almost two years, with the same girl, I purnished him with every anger in me, the mere fact dat I still couldn’t leave him made me hate him the more nd instead of caring I was always angry, most people call it resentment, well could have been avoided if he didn’t lie to me…..