Pregnant For A Married Man.. How do I Tell My Family.. Please...

Pregnant For A Married Man.. How do I Tell My Family.. Please Advice


“I’m a girl in my early twenties, I have this guy that loves me so much but unfortunately he’s married. I registered my fears about us to him and he always gets so mad, saying I don’t trust him enough to take care of me emotionally and otherwise.

  Along the line,I fell in love with him…I’m 3months pregnant with his baby, he’s sworn to come do the traditional rites once I give him a go ahead, though he met my family during xmas they all like him but don’t know his status! He’s most concerned about my NYSC since its just months away.

I just want to stay away from home till my baby is delivered cause I love him enough to nurse his child but… Aunty I’m just confused about my mum, there’s a friend of mine I could talk with to stand in as the baby daddy for the time being so my parents could rest and ease off, while I’m away.

    Advice me oh please…..Miss NYSC

Editors note: This are are real people, flesh and blood, everyday people like you and i who needs support and advice on confusing and disturbing  situation they have found themselves, please lets be supportive when giving advice. 

we might  agree or disagree, with actions to decisions taken by individuals. please try , its not for us to be judgemental.  for all we know, they are already feeling down hence they are asking for advice from others. 

be sensitive and understanding, we all are vulnerable, one way or the other. we all have found ourselves at crossroad at one time or the other. 

please advice to help and support this lady to make the best decision. 





  1. First and for most I advice you to keep the baby,yes he is married and you would not like to be a second wife or you would not want to bring misunderstanding between his marriage,he promising to get married to you is just normal for men at that situation because that don’t want they don’t want you to feel rejected and feel lonely for that time being,please don’t misunderstand me….if you love him and he loves you too then go ahead and make it known to your parents that he is married and he will be ready to accept you as his second wife no matter what but trying to hide him from your family is just prolonging issues and making issues worst.
    I argue you to stand up to your right and take responsibility for what happen and don’t make a mistake that you will regret later.that is your baby so you got to do things that he or she will start asking you questions and start saying mum why did you do these and why did you not do these you know children of these days and how sensitive they can be.please lay a good foundation for your unborn baby coming and think very well before taking any action that you will regret in the future.
    I stand for peace.thanks

  2. My dear,pls inform ur parents.The deed has been done and nothing like a mother love during this period.Also dont ask any friend stand in as d baby daddy.let the truth be told.once u do the right thing u will have peace.

  3. The truth be told, you just about to destroy another woman’s home. How would you feel in the near future as a married woman, your husband gets another woman pregnant? That said, you better understand what you are getting into okay. Why are you scared of telling your mum ? .. it’s because you know it’s wrong. You will make it worst if you lie about it.

  4. I feel sorry for you because you just about destroyed your life. I also feel sorry for the other woman. Please tell your straight away, don’t complicate things further by lying. All the best.

  5. hey there, not here to judge as we all make mistakes…but this is The Reel so im gonna give it to you REAL. That being said, its very hard not to judge because 1. Lets be honest with oursleves, his “emotional support” is not why you are / got involved with him in the first place, as you clearly stated in your own words that you fell in love with him”along the line”, meaning that u were with him for other motives, whether that is financial or different, only you know why….secondly, its dissapointing to read he is “unfortunately married” as if its an annoyance or grievance against yourselves. Secondly “i love him enough to nurse his child” how about YOU love YOUR unborn child enough to nurse it?? Forgive me if im totally getting it wrong but do understand what it sounds like from the outside, it seems as though, put bluntly, that you got with this guy for financial gain, got pregnant by him and intend to reap the benefits. You dont seem to be thinking about his poor poor wife, and i only hope that when you find yourself married ( i can bet you it wont be this baby father that is your husband) that you dont find yourself in the same situation…Anyway, the only ‘advice’ i can give to you is to not bother with using your friend as the fake baby daddy, just tell your parents who is really responsible for the pregnancy but only tell them the truth about his marriage status after the baby is born,just for the sake of yours and the babys health during the pregnancy. Keeping it True and Real!

  6. It’s so painful to love the wrong person and making matter worse getting pregnant for him, my dear sister I understand ur pain ok. In the same delima but don’t have anybody to talk to, if mom is alive, I don’t think it’ll be easy but try and talk to her before it’s too late

  7. Just give birth to your baby, and please do not deceive your parents at all, that’s not Good, let the fight be on ground no problem, God knows wats best for u, everything will go well…

  8. Sweethrt,the deed has already been done, but hear me don’t allow d matter to weigh u down because of ur pregnancy,pull urself together,nurture ur baby inutero then after delivery u let ur parents know the will be well….

  9. I have found myself in such situations…. But nobody to help me.. Couldn’t confide in any one…. So I…….

  10. Your first mistake is dating a married man. Do you think he will leave his wife and children for you?. He is just deceiving you. Love is a choice. It is not too late to mend your life, i advice you keep baby. Tell your parent the truth & move on with your life. It not easy to share another woman’s husband. Dont risk your life and future for a man who is using you to cheat on his wife.

  11. hmmm…maybe it will be helpful if u do tell this lady how u managed ur situation, seeing you said u went tru similar.

  12. Hmmmmm. Sometimes such stories shouldn’t be told. Why would you date a married man in the first place. You have to do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Then I guess you will be very happy if he divorce his wife to marry you!!! But sooo unfortunately his wife is his priority and therefore won’t leave her for any reason. Just keep the innocent baby and stay away from their marriage with your trouble.

  13. pls pls pls!!! go ahead and marry de man dont mind what ur parents may say or may act hens de man love u as u do pls go on thank u

  14. Temtetion is like this when its come u fill like its an end tell ur parents de truth and tell them ur mind then u llisting for there adivice first tell ur mother she will no what to do ok

  15. Same thing happened to me but not married man, just a wicked guy like DAT , giving false reasons to my parents , they are confuse, my parents are useing bad words on me , which I did not dream of, please let us take heart, no body is above mistake in my life , even our parent . May God help us to delivered in a good mood. Learn for ur mistakes

  16. I was dating a guy over 5 months last year,: relationship is moving fine, for my greatest surprise I was pregnant for he, but he always give me a false reasons, I stay with my parents but they are not happy, not enable to help me, please my good brothers and sisters I need help from you people, please consider me with my unborn child, iam five month pregnant now. thank u.

  17. I was dating a guy over 5 months last year, my greatest surprise I was pregnant for he, he can not take care of me, I need help for u people please

  18. Do Not Feel Embarass Ok, Tell Ur Parent The Truth .Just Remember This Expressions ‘to Err Is Human ,to Forgive Is Devine

  19. How cud u do this not to judge but have an affair with a married man I can imagine how he must have been treating his wife while he was njoyin u what goes around comes around u a woman n won’t be happy if another woman did that to u women we re are own enemies God hates fornication worse wen d other party is married marriage is God’s eye go ahead n tell d truth since u love som1s husband enough to nurse his baby May God forgive u n see u through

  20. Relax, the deed has been done. If d man wants to marry you, why not? U are even lucky cos he did not deny u and ur unborn child, he is not afraid to marry u properly. But my advice, don’t ever move into his house with his other wife and don’t ever try to steal him away from his 1 St wife. Give her d respect dt she deserves, don’t cause more trouble for d poor woman. Stay in ur own place, b happy and don’t complain even if u don’t get to c d man as u so desire after all there are 2 of u competing for his attention. Get urself smting doing I.e financially. Don’t feel bad thereby going into a state of depression. Being a second wife is not a sin, but d sin is being a mistress. U had better marry him sharp sharp.

  21. This is not a mistake bcos d man did not hide his marital status from u. I bet u did it deliberately because as a mature lady u must have heard about various contraceptives or at worst d uses of condom to prevent unplanned pregnancy. But since u’re bent on reaping where u did not plant or living where u did not build. U desperately want to destroy a marriage ordained by God because of your conveousness,u’re about to bcom thorns in d flesh of another woman, u want some other children to bcom neglected and abandoned bcos u’re pregnant for their dad. May God of d heavens and the earth do to u more as u’re about to do to the man’s wife. But am sure of one thing no responsible man in his right senses will leave a happy family (certainty) for any uncertainty. I hope u won’t end up joining d long lists of single parents.
    Responsible and successful ladies don’t traps married men with pregnancy, they only hang out with them for a while,and when it’s time for marriage u see them getting hooked to successful bachelors.
    A word is enough for d wise.

  22. I understand wat ur passing through but pls don’t go into that marriage cos d same way u came in, another would too n u would b neglected. kip Ur baby and give d child d privilege of knowing his father

  23. Getting pregnant for a married man is not good I will advice you have the child leave the married and go look for your Own husband.