25years Old College Student Strangled To Death By Lover

25years Old College Student Strangled To Death By Lover


According to reports in . various media outlets in kenya, the named young lady was strangled to death by her lover, who after killing her  went on to try to cover his tracks by using her card to fuel  her car to keep a deceptive trail going for concerned family and friends.

Irene kananu, a HR officer was strangled to death by her 25 yr old college student lover, Abdulkarim Njoroge in kahawa wendan , kiambu, Kenya on March 31st.

May her soul rest in peace

   He was caught after a two weeks search for him by the police. Trouble started when Kananu found out, Abdulkarim  had gotten another neighbourhood lady pregnant.

  No visible wounds were found on her but pathologists said she was strangled. Ruiru police who confirmed the arrest said Njoroge was a regular visitor at kananu’s house.

    It was recalled on April 3rd that Abdulkarim drove kananu’s car out from her compound and also withdrew money from an ATM , using her card , bought fuel for the car.

  Kananu was buried on April 10 2017.

Women continue to die daily from this pandemic! The naked truth is not much is really being done all over the world to bring to light the senseless killings of vulnerable women at the hands of their spouses.

The signs were there, but this young lady like others including me will keep hoping something will change. we always make a thousand and one excuse why this person is like this or that, the truth is an abuser is an abuser, the more you hang on hoping for a change , the more this person manipulates and sucks you into the abusive web of abuse until you either die or wake up one day to the reality of who the monster really is.

The ugliness of domestic violence and abuse is very visible in developing countries, its almost like its acceptable for men to abuse and treat women as they like. On daily basis women are openly abused by men. In most cases it takes the death of the woman or serious life changing injuries for it to be taken seriously.

Don’t hang about an abusive man, hoping he would change, walk away, there are lots of decent men out there.



By Pat.A


  1. heartless soul, as for women you need to careful who you date. because there are some animals vampire man out there that think twice before killing their fellow human beings.

  2. Some men can be callous