11 Months Child Killed On FaceBook Live video By 21years Old...

11 Months Child Killed On FaceBook Live video By 21years Old Father


A 21year old man from Thailand has reportedly killed his 11 month old daughter. He committed this crime on a live stream via Facebook. According to BBC news report yesterday, the man who also killed himself was said to have had an argument with the wife. He was reported  to have left the house shortly after the argument. The wife got worried after several hours of him not returning as he had left with his 11 month old daughter.

It was then she went online to see if she could locate where he might be. To her horror and shock she saw the husband live streaming preparations to kill their 11 month old daughter.

She immediately contacted the police. The police  went in search of the man and the daughter, but it was too late by the time they arrived at the scene of the crime. The man went to an uncompleted building to carry out this horrendous act.

When the Thailand police arrived at the uncompleted building, they found two bodies hanging, both were confirmed dead. The 21 year old man killed himself alongside the daughter.

The video of this horrific crime was streaming live on facebook and the footage was also shared to youtube. Facebook was contacted to alert them to this video and was removed after 24 hours. the video has also been  removed from youtube. Thai public appealed and advised all social media alongside broadcast outlets  not to play or show this video.

The funeral ceremony of the little angel took place yesterday in Thailand. It was a very agonising and painful event.  Facebook has since removed the footage from the social media platform. They totally condemned this crime. A statement from Facebook read,

“This is an appalling incident and our hearts go out to the family of the victim. There is place for content of this kind on Facebook and it has now be removed” Facebook spokesperson.

It is a very appalling crime indeed. Very horrific, the mother of this child will be traumatised for a very long time to come, it is very endearing what the people of Thailand have done, as reported lots of people were very outraged that the horrific video footage was being shared and watched in other social platforms.

The best tool to social and political correctness is the one used by the society, as it is always very effective when the people of a community come together to speak out. There was nothing anyone could do to stop this innocent child from this horrific and public display murder by one of the most trusted person she was with, but what has been done is to keep her memory sacred, and this was what the people of Thailand wanted hence they appealed to have the footage removed from social media platforms.

Society needs to step up at times to say no and set boundries on what can be displayed in this day of social media craziness. It has really become disturbing the kind of footage you can see on social media platforms these days, especially knowing a lot of underage children easily access this platforms. Just recently another horrific murder of a young woman by her drug dealer boyfriend, was live streamed on Facebook. It is very understanding that  all contents cannot be monitored at all times and removed immediately, hence it’s important the public take more responsibility to doing this, for the sake of future generations.

The funeral of the 11 month baby has since taken place in Phuket in Thailand.