Smuggler killed in a shoot out with police

Smuggler killed in a shoot out with police


The  Buhari’s led administration are truly doing everything within her power  to minimise  corruption and bad practices

 The country have suffered a lot from the hands of some unscrupulous elements, who have taken riddled the country with all kind of bad practices with less regard to the citizens

Since this administration came into power, all hands seems to have been working together to find solution and an end to all bad practices

Recent news reaching us is that officers of the (Nigerian Custom Service) NCS had  intercepted some smugglers at the toll gate in Ota on Tuesday 9th May 2017.  The suspected smuggler was killed in a shoot out with the police.

ASP Bimbola Oyeyemi, Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer said they resisted arrest and opened fire, the yet to be identified smuggler was killed during the shoot out between them and the police.

ASPBimbola Oyeyemi…. ”There was a gun fire between the officials of the NCS and the smugglers at the toll-gate, Ota, Ogun, that brought about the death of one of the smugglers,’’

 He also informed and assured the public that the police had started investigation into the incident

( By Kadiri Manfred)