Rapist Sentenced To Life For Abduction & Sexual Assault

Rapist Sentenced To Life For Abduction & Sexual Assault

hands of a prisoner on prison bars

A local government worker identified as Ojo Ayodele has been sentenced to life in imprisonment for abducting and raping a 15-year-old girl by an Ado Ekiti Court.

The suspect which was reported abducted the minor in Ijero-Ekiti and took her to a secret location in the town where he subjected her to continuous sexual assault for 21 days

Justice Oluwatoyin Abodunde, in her judgment on Wednesday, found Ayodele guilty as charged and sentenced the accused to life jail and for abduction, sentenced him to seven years for the offence, News Agency reports.

The Director of Public Prosecution, Gbemiga Adaramola, said that Ayodele was first arraigned on Feb. 2, 2016 on a two-count charge of rape and abduction.

The prosecution had told the court that a concerned resident who saw blood stains on the victim’s clothes took her to Ijero Local Government Immigration Office to report the case.

Ayodele was later caught after the victim identified him as the abductor who subjected her to serial raping.

What insane attitude committed this man. Sometimes I am force to call those men sleeping with minors as psycho. They have all lost their sense of dignity.

Behind bars for the rest of your life will save a lot of your intended target from getting hurt by you

Remember, what goes around comes around.

By Kadiri Manfred For Unbrokenchords