5 Men Sexually Molested By Baboon Hospitalised

5 Men Sexually Molested By Baboon Hospitalised


A village in the North West Region of south africa was being plagued not by disease or affliction but by a Big Vicious Gay Baboon.

This particular Baboon reportedly raped 5 human males  from the village, and has a result forced the male residents of the village to migrate in fear.

The Baboon, as a matter of fact showed no interest in human females and showed no initial aggression to its male Victims unless during the sexual act. He reportedly over powers its victims and performs his sexual acts on them and leaves like nothing happened.

The 5 men who were raped were reportedly  admitted in the Hospital as they developed anal pains and Rectal related issues.One Victim, George Chiune who spoke to reporters said he was attacked by the baboon while coming from the local club.

George said “ I thought it was going to kill me but realised it was after by bum”.

The Baboon has been nicknamed Somizi by the locals, and showed unusual behavior as he was always seen to act alone, which is unusual as baboon travels in troops. Journalists reported that Male children were dressed in Dresses to make them pass as female to the Baboon.

About  2years ago, in July, it was reported that another Vicious Baboon raped a school Teacher in Zimbabwe and ran off with her panties in the night.

This upsets the Natural order of the world but then they are animals, how should they be brought to Justice?