Wife Conspired with Lover To KiLL Her Husband

Wife Conspired with Lover To KiLL Her Husband


A Kenya woman in Ebersdorf, Germany is scheduled to appear in court for the gruesome murder of her husband after she allegedly conspired with her lover to kill him.

According to Bild, a German newspaper, court showed in an evidence of how Armina A. carefully planned the death of her husband, Ekkehart H. by orchestrating it with her lover identified as Jan D.

On the said day of the crime, Armina was said to have led her lover into the house in the basement where she had a sharp machete with a blade of about 40cm.

The lover then waited patiently for the man to come into the house.

When the husband came into the house, Armina immediately initiated sexual contact with him which led the man to have an intercourse.

As the both couple engage in the act, Jan D came from behind and slit the man’s throat with the machete.

He wanted to slice him in his shin but missed and hit Armina Achilles tendon.

After the incident, Jan D rushed out of the house,  Armina quickly ran outside the house to raise an alarm seeking help that they have been attacked by three masked men.

On the day of the crime scene, so luckily, the couple’s two children were asleep and did not witnessed the crime.

Armina later filed a report that the life of her husband had been threatened which implicated Jan D and led to his arrest.

After Jan D was taking into custody by the police, he made a shocking confession which led to the police investigation and uncovered Armina’s involvement in the crime.

The 11-days trial starts on Wednesday and it is expected to feature 67 witnesses and 7 experts.

She was later nicknamed the black widow of Ebersdorf by her neighbours when they got to hear of her involvement in her husband’s murder.

Report gathered was that Armina and her deceased husband met in Kenya when the businessman was on vacation and they got married in 2007. Armina has been pointed several times for cheating on her husband.


  1. Why would you conspired with your lover to kill your husband own husband I pray justice is done. Some Human beings are very heartless