A Father Did This To His 3 year-Old child

A Father Did This To His 3 year-Old child


In a post shared on facebook by Nana, 3 year-old kwabena was beaten up mercilessly by his heartless 45 years old father Anokye from Oseikwame in Asunafo North, Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana for  defecating in the bedroom.

What animal does this to a child for that reason, a 3 year-old child, what do a child of that age know or understand. The most disturbing fact is, this  child might be allowed back into his custody  after he’s released.

 This man who is not worthy to be called a father should be put in chains and locked away for a very long time.

It is very scary the way some parents abuse children over and over in the name of discipline, no , this is not you correcting a child, this is you brutalising a vulnerable child

  Heartbreaking  and very traumatising to look at this child. With felts all over his body, broken and swollen lips, I am struggling to keep my emotions in check looking at this pictures.

I can not just get the thought out of my mind the pain and agony this child was subjected to . How can you, a grown adult do this to a small child that do not even understand what it is, that he has done wrong.

The wicked father have  been arrested by Mmim Police officers in Ghana.

I hope justice is served for this child and for every other abused child.