A Teenage Girl Driven To Suicide Because Of FORCED Marriage

A Teenage Girl Driven To Suicide Because Of FORCED Marriage


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 A young girl who was left with no option but to commit suicide as way out from a forced marriage.When will parents and the immediate community get to understand that this is not acceptable anymore. when you take the right from a young adult to decide on what they want,  when you force a young female child to accept and do what is expected of her in accordance with community norms. she is a victim, a victim of  ABUSE!

As reported by the ‘SrrinsiUMedia’ a social media platform on facebook, this incident happened  in the northern part of Nigeria. It simply reported a young girl driven to suicide because she was going to be forced to marry against her will, became fustrated and took her own life.

It is totally unacceptable to enforce your wants on anyone especially a young vulnerable adult. The fact is, some communities would pass for what is referred as ‘Institutional Abuse’ .given the choice am sure some parents would want their children to decide on who they will marry.The truth is, arranged to forced marriage in communities is like DICE game where everyone throw the dice in turns. Every player takes turn.  Parents have to conform to expectations, the female child has no voice.

I have personally seen this happen from a distance, I stood and watched it all unfold before my very eyes.  The events of what I witnessed that nigh, I remember till date that fateful night when this teenage girl was swooped and forcefully taken to the home of a man who the family gave her out to as a wife.  This young beautiful girl was forcefully carried away that night by the village youths as mandated by the elders who took the decision because the girl refused to marry the choosen suitor.

I was on a visit  see my grandmother when this incident happened. This task was gleefully carried out by the ignorant youth of the village on the order of the community elders, who according to  information I gathered had given the teenage girl  an ultimatum to move into the arranged husband house. Failure to do this meant she had to be physically carried to the arranged husband house. She wailed, cried, begged to be allowed to make her own choice, her voice and cries was stilled in the quiet of the night. There was none to her rescue. Her fate has being sealed even before she was born.

This is Gender Discrimination.  The female child is no more than a prized possession to be disposed of as when due and to whom is entitled to her by virtue of agreement between the two families without the adult girl consent or consultation.. Being born a female automatically strips you of the right to make choices.

Driven to suicide was the only way out for her. she’s dead, where does that leave her parents now? They will forever be traumatized and haunted by the knowledge of why their teenage daughter had to die the way she did.

What is the system doing to correct this, what information is out there, what awareness is been created around forced marriage. for young girls caught in this dilemma to look for and access. The truth is, the system is not put enough awareness materials out there. No measure in place to help and support young girls who are been forced into marriages.

Naked truth is, if this teenage girl had information on what to do, who to contact and where to go for help, she would still be alive today. To be driven to suicide, to have to commit suicide as the only way to avoid been forcefully married is a grey area on our society.

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  1. is rely on fair to force a young girl to get Married to a man that is not her choice. my device to any little girl in that condition should run out of the parent house and cry out for help.