A Virgin In Our Modern Day Society, ReelTalk

A Virgin In Our Modern Day Society, ReelTalk


Adrienna Wembi, 26, chose to be different and follow the path of absolute Chastity.

Adrienna speaking to the Sun online, said –“When I come across people, they don’t seem to believe me because of my appearance.

“I’m attractive and the way that males approach me makes people think certain things about me.”
“When I tell some people they think I’m lying but I don’t want to have sexual intercourse with anyone until I know they are my soul-mate – that seems to impress people.”
She decided when she was a teen to only give her virginity to the right boyfriend but now here she is, 26, and still a virgin in today’s world where the pressures of intercourse before marriage are so intense you tend to question the sanctity of marriage itself.
Whats more? Adrienna wasn’t even motivated by religion, but by common reasoning.
She said: “I’m only going to have sexual intercourse with one guy, the guy I will marry. I made that decision when I was 18 and I have kept to it.”
“I was in a relationship in high school and because I wasn’t willing to go past a certain point, we broke up – I wasn’t willing to go to the next step to sexual intercourse.
“But if I was to lose my virginity when I was 14, how many guys would I have slept with.
“When you find the right person that is your soul mate, then you can go ahead. Otherwise, you’ll end up having sex with everyone and I don’t think that’s right.”

She hopes to inspire young adults to take the part of chastity and stand strong on the decision because it is not an easy path to embark on.

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-Igbokah E.E for Unbrokenchords