Abandoned New Born Baby Dies

Abandoned New Born Baby Dies



 A new born baby with umbilical cord still attached, was found in a cartoon where it was abandoned in the early hours of the morning 17/5/2017 in Iwehrekpokpo, Ughelli North Local Government,  Delta State.

Before the baby could be rescued , the baby died.

Quite sad

More information and awareness should be created to help and support struggling women who unable to cope or cannot support a baby on what to do.

Stop with abandoning innocent children to die, ask for help, handover the baby to social services, who will find a loving and caring home/parents for the child. Every child deserves to live.

No one will condemn you or arrest you for handing  over a child to the right and appropriate  authority, rather you will be supported in all the right ways to understand and come to terms with the decision you are taking.

It’s okay to give birth to a child and not want the child, what is not okay, not acceptable, and a crime, is discarding a baby like you are discarding an object without value or or use. This is flesh and blood, a child that did not ask to be born.

For women that commit this crime, the one fact is, the memories of it will haunt you forever, it will definr the course to purpose of your life, beginning from the day you did what you did.