Aisha Buhari visit Khadijah Bashir, 6 months old victim of sexual assault

Aisha Buhari visit Khadijah Bashir, 6 months old victim of sexual assault


The president wife, Aisha Buhari has visited  6-month old  baby Khadijah Bashir who was earlier this week a victim of sexual assault.

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As earlier reported in previous story on this. the 6 months old baby was molested on the advice of a native doctor who was consulted by the accused couple in their quest to have a baby of their own.
The couple then went on to hatch a plan to do this and little baby Khadijah was the target victim. The baby’s mother ha[[ened to be friends with little Khadijah’s mum.

This act was made possible with the assistance of the man’s wife who is a close friend to the baby’s mother.

 Muktakar Muhammad stands accused today with the wife. 

Wife of Nigerian, Mrs Aisha Buhari, and the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, visited the six-month-old baby who was allegedly raped in Kano and currently receiving treatment at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

The two conspirator (the couple) who carried out this heinous crime will be standing trial within the shortest of time.

Madam Aisha condemned the inhumane act, stressing that the culprits must face the deserving punishments.

Also, the Emir of Kano who visited baby Khadijah urged security agencies and the state government to ensure that the culprits were brought to book.

The State Commissioner for Information, Muhammad Garba, in a statement noted that

”whoever is involved in this sordid sexual crime will be prosecuted under the relevant provision contained in the Kano State Penal Code Amendment Law, referred to as the ‘Principal Law’ as amended under section 283.”

At last, thank God that the voice of the voiceless is being heard. Where are the hired 10 lawyers, they should not go hiding, they should come out and do a case with the government.

I hope this is serves as a precedent. The government making it a government case  ‘the people versus the couple.’

well i hope they have the money to fight the government on this, hence they have hired 10 lawyers to fight this, i am thinking it’s time they hire a dozen more.

It is really sad how some rich folks commit crimes and use money and influence to sweep it under the carpet, well let’s see how this plays  out.

Well done to the wife of the President and the Emir of Kano for identifying with this case and the show of empathy together with support by visiting the baby and her family in hospital.

I hope this visit gives the family a reassuring sense that justice will be found for baby khadijah.  


By Kadiri Manfred.


  1. this is sad,what kind of evil is this, this people should be prosecuted as soon as possible……it is good government has taken up the case.

  2. It’s very sad and i suggest d arrest of d native Dr too cos nobody know d kind of crime he must hav been sending his followers to be committing in the past or who they must hav humiliated in the past dat nobody know of , so as d good GOD has brought them out , let them face the route