Amber Rose Twerks As She Shows Off Expensive lifestyle On Video

Amber Rose Twerks As She Shows Off Expensive lifestyle On Video


Amber rose is as controversial as they come, the former stripper who has dates some number of top stars, music rap artist to be precise is mode person for controversy

When it’s hot and down, expect Amber Rose  to be at the center of it. There is no denying she’s a stunning woman, with all the right curves at the right places, you dont have to look far why she’ not alone

The former stripper turned model and talk show host. She famously organised the “slutwalk” which was to create awareness on women shaming who constantly are  seen and shamed as sluts once they dare to be different or dont compromise to society norms.

Amber Rose is a mother to a 4-year old son, she was married to American popular rapper Wiz Khalif from 2013 to 2016, no one saw the split coming as they appeared made for each other. They remain best of friends after the divorce. Amber claimed Whiz Khalif cheated on her with some twin sisters.

The model before getting married famously dated American top rap artist kanye West, Amber Rose came into the limelight as the girlfriend of top Rap artist Kanye west, the relatively unknown Amber became a tabloid favourite once she started dating American A-list rapper Kanye.

This relationship was always all over the tabloid as Amber practically went every where with the rap artist, but revelations to come was that, all the time Kanye was living it out with Amber Rose, the only woman he actually wanted was Kim Kardashian, the second of the kardashian sisters and the most famous of them all.

This rumour was later proven to be true as Amber Rose on splitting from Kanye, he did go on to not only date Kim but got married to her. They have two children.

There has been a lot of times Amber has had not too many nice words to say about the kardashian sisters, it got so bad Kanye got mixed in it with Amber publicly dissing Kanye West, it was really messy, Kim had to step in and the issue got resolved with Kim and Amber posting photos of them together to send a message of unity.

Amber Rose recently on video showed off her lifstyle, well you can fault her, Amber Rose works hard Watch the video titled the ‘took us on a trip inside her closet as she showcases her expensive collection of shoes as she has fun in the video compilation.

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