BABARIC: Man Stripped Naked And Paraded For Stealing RCCG Fan

BABARIC: Man Stripped Naked And Paraded For Stealing RCCG Fan


In Ogun State, some group of mob descended on a middle-aged man for allegedly stealing a standing fan from a Redeemed Christian Church of God, Onifade town through Ayobo, Ogun State.

The man after he was caught,was stripped and paraded naked by the angry mob with the fan placed on his head.

The video of the suspect thief was posted online in two phase but screen shots from the video tells the story of exactly how he was treated by the mob

In the video the mob commanded the man to place the fan on top his head after stripping him naked, the man was  further commanded to hold the fan in place, on top his head  while he is being paraded round the town totally naked with a crowd of spectators following him with some of them chanting songs.

The second videos showed him  being led back to the church to where he  then had the fan returned. He was then commanded to wear his clothes. when the accused man was putting on his clothes, another man was seen to be hitting him with a stick over and over.

The video was cut at a point where he was commanded to sit on the grass and the mob were then asked to leave.

It’s time this type of attitude is done away with, he was caught stealing a fan supposedly, it does not matter how he was caught or who caught him, no one has the right to take the law into their hands. The law with it’s judicial system was created for a purpose like this, simply call the police.

Whereby citizens now take the law into their hands to pass jungle justice on a suspect is really worrying, firstly it’s a state of lawlessness by some select people who are in total disregard of the law, it’s almost like a state of anarchy.

It’s totally unacceptable, the government need to take this type of behaviour of public disregard for the laws of the land.