Barabaric! Stop Taking Laws Into Your Hands, Call The POLICE

Barabaric! Stop Taking Laws Into Your Hands, Call The POLICE



Two suspected robbers were beaten to a pulp after attacking a student with cutlass in Minna.

The tow robbers who were publicly disgraced by some neighbours who came to the rescue of their victim after stabbing were caught in GK campus of the Federal University of Technology.

It was reported that a Neigbour who heard what was going on, also alerted other students who came to the rescue of their friend who was said to be from the Entrepreneur and Business Studies Department.

The two gang of robbers were mercilessly beaten by the angry students before being handed over to the policemen from the Niger state police kpakungu division.

And why is this acceptable, why did the police not arrest the students as well, this makes a country to appear lawless and ungovernable. Agreed, they are alleged criminals, we have what its referred as citizen arrest, yes by all means when anyone is found committing a crime, by all means arrest the person or persons while waiting for the police to arrive. Do not for any reason take laws into your hands by going the jungle justice way.

We know the menace of armed robbers is a daily threat, we live with,  but what we should not be doing is becoming murderers. It  has become a most natural act to carry out these days, especially in Lagos, people are regularly set ablaze and burnt to death for petty crimes, a man can be killed for stealing a mobile phone to pick pocketing.

It is almost an acceptable sight to see a man burning in a ring of tyre for stealing as low as #100 or something of same value.

What have we became as a society? A BROKEN SOCIETY!!

By Kadiri Manfred For Unbrokenchords