Battered And Chained To The Generator By Husband

Battered And Chained To The Generator By Husband


“SISTERS”..Marriage is not I must die affair….would you rather be dead as a “MRS” or be alive as “MISS”?…..

In ewoluwo, sagamu area of Lagos, a young man identified as Ifeanyi Ajaero was arrested after his neighbours alerted the police of the assault melted out on his wife by the man.

He did not only batter her, after battering her, he  handcuffed her to his generator for fear of her retaliating. She slept by the generator set, till dawn.

You beat and handcuff a woman to a generator set like a dog, who even does this to a dog. seriously what is wrong with some men, this is just pure wickedness.  this man went to sleep while the wife stood all night chained to this generator outside of the house exposed to all kinds of danger while he was snoring away in the comfort of the house.

the rate at which women are abused in Nigeria and Africa at large is really scary and at an alarming rate. The most disturbing of this all is the fact that there are some set of men that actually think this is justified, saying her bad attitude brought about this and then will now go on to advise her how to be a good wife to a monster.

please sisters marriage is not a do or die affair!! Marriage does not define you! Single mothers rock!




By Pat.A