BEAUTIFUL MANCHESTER; The Spirit Of Love Wins, Always

BEAUTIFUL MANCHESTER; The Spirit Of Love Wins, Always


Watching yesterday night concert, I had moments of chills, moments of tears, moments of joy.

Why the divided emotions, you may wonder…

I had moments of chill when thoughts of what happened come upon me, knowing that children were gathered just like this doing what they should be doing at this age when some sick deranged individual did what he did, more chills, chills of fear of the question and hope it never happens again.

Its become so scary this days, I never use to be scared or in fear when I go about, but the Manchester attack got to me really bad, to target children is the most sickening!

Then my moments of tears, tears for the angels, the 22 angels of Manchester, when Ariana Granda was talking about Oliver and what the mun said she would have wanted, I let my tears flow, I just let it.

Yes my moments of joy was more because they can’t and would never win! they will forever remain the cowards they are!

The children came out, parents came out, there was not a single scared or worried face in the crowd of sixty thousand, all were relaxed and having fun at the concert.. they will never win, no, they will not, because our spirit is the greatest of all…THE SPIRIT OF LOVE…I STAND WITH MANCHESTER!!

It was a beautiful night, a night the city of Manchester came alive with so much love and unity.

Photo credit; AP-BBC-Getty Images