BOB IZUA’S N800m Shopping Complex Destroyed In Benin City

BOB IZUA’S N800m Shopping Complex Destroyed In Benin City


  Chief  Osamede Adun, a very popular Benin transporter’s N800m shopping complex has been raised down by Edo state, Governor Obaseki as part of the ongoing demolition exercise.

It was gathered that the shopping complex was erected in a plot of land belonging to the government. Further probe as to why he had to erect the house on a government  property, the transporter refuted the claim from the government and said he did  seek approval which he got, with documents to show for it, before going ahead to erect the building.

He termed the whole situation “victimization” from Edo state government.

  I visited the site in person as I live in Benin, the photos of the demolished complex are all over social media. I could not take personal pictures, I didn’t go there with a camera

While there, with others who were gathered round the demolished  structure, a vendor woman was selling at the side of  structure. I wanted to be sure of who own the structure, I had the following conversation with a local resident standing by….

Me: Madam good afternoon

Woman:I hear oh

Me : Who scatter the house ? I asked her.

Woman:  Governor Obaseki na

Me: okay but why? Eyaaa. Wait madam who get the building

Woman :Na Bob Izua(Cheif Osamede Adun)

Me:Na wa , he lost money for here oh.

Woman :Na government land, right from ogbemudia tenure.

  Another boy joined the conversation.

Boy: This building wey government just destroy like that, people don already pay for the shops .


Boy: yes na , N400,000 a year and to even get the shop, them bribe with N120, 000 before paying the N400 000 rent.

   Well I went my way , and felt bad for the traders affected, because they definitely won’t be getting their money back.

The only advice is , don’t erect structure on government lands, it backfires. So much money gone down the drain.  See pictures of the demolished complex after the cut.

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