Breaking News!! EMMANUEL MACRON -France President -elect at age 39!

Breaking News!! EMMANUEL MACRON -France President -elect at age 39!


The french people have spoken, meet the new president of france…EMMANUEL MACRON

It was an outstanding win. Marine Le Pen, his opponet was dodged with leaked emails 48hrs to one of the most crucial election in France history, though the emails never went public.

On both emerging as the two front runners, it was clear who was going to win as Emmanuel Macron had a clear lead from the secondary to the final election which held today.

France celebrating the election of the youngest president in the history of france.

Emmanuel Macron was relatively unknown until last year when he came on the scene with his party formation and agenda.

Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on making history as the youngest president of France.


  1. congrats to him….history has been made being the youngest
    ever become president in France.