BROKEN: Names Of Women Killed By BoyFriends As Released By RSA Police

BROKEN: Names Of Women Killed By BoyFriends As Released By RSA Police


Mr Fikile Mbalula ,South African minster of police, on Saturday released a list of names of women who have being raped and murdered by different men in domestic violence, with details on who and how they were killed by their partners.

Though the place and time varies, the one consistent factor in all of the listed victims  is, they were all killed by their present and ex boyfriend. The most youngest  victim on the list was two- year-old girl who was raped and murdered in may, father arrested. She is number 11 on the list of women that have being murdered in South African this year alone.

There might be more but according to RSA Ministry of Police, this are the names of reported cases on record.

One of the murdered women was referred to as unidentified woman, age 34, she was raped, stoned and set alight by seven men in April of this year.

Number 12 on the list age 22 year-old pregnant-girl, who was raped by a gang of 11-Men, according to information  given on the list, the 22 year old was abducted and forcefully dragged into a dark dilapidated building in downtown Jo’burg. She survived as reported on the list.

HE named some of the women that has lost their lives to domestic violence in South Africa. The list contains victims as young as two. Below is the list unedited as published on  social media  handle of RSA ministry of police

@ No 9 is Karabo Mokoena who was gruesomely murdered by her 27 years old boyfriend Sandile Mantsoe .

It’s really very alarming the rate at which women and children have being killed in domestic related incidents. This domestic violence incidents are not only happening in South African but all around the world. The same wave of domestic related incident is also sweeping through Nigeria, Babies and young girls are reported raped almost on daily basis, while women are being killed by their spouses.