Celebrating Who We Are, All Woman And More..Say No To Violence Against...

Celebrating Who We Are, All Woman And More..Say No To Violence Against Women


One of my favourite pastimes. I love shopping, be it online or prancing around the high street, you can do no wrong with me once in that mood. I shop to distress, but hey, only when I can afford to! Otherwise I go on long walks.

Some close friends call me a shopaholic.  What makes you a shopaholic anyway or rather who is a shopaholic, well as for me I define it as it suits me.

I’m always looking for any good excuse to shop, always looking for that wardrobe essential that is missing, we ladies always find one thing or the other we lack in our wardrobe, or looking through our vanity table for that one colour of lipstick or liner we so want to use but don’t have.

Whoops! There goes the needed reason to go shopping. Have you ever gone shopping for a particular item but end up buying everything but that very excuse item that set you on a shopping day out.

Now you see, my own kind of shopaholic is different from the way the oxford dictionary defines it. For those of my friends that want to identify with my definition, you very welcome. Please feel free to define it your own way, don’t mind those dictionary definition that always leaves you with the ‘shopper sinner tag’ Hmm.. don’t quote me oh.. don’t  know if such a phrase exists.

I have decided a long time ago, never to allow anyone guilt trip me into feeling or thinking am a shopaholic, no, am not, because am a purposeful shopper, my beautiful ladies you all understand right.

Individualise it or define to suit you as you want or as it makes you happy or as it makes you to justify the reason why you always shop even when we both know we don’t have to..hmmm.. no we always want to, that is why we  ..*wink wink*…I only shop because I need the stuff, really need them and you know how women always need stuff.

You are very welcome to add your definition, who knows I might adapt yours, if it gives me a lesser sense of guilt when on a shopping prowl


Don’t you just love being a woman!!

#SayNoToDomesticViolenceAndAbuse #SayNoToRape #SayNoToChildAbuse #SayNoToGirlMolestation.

#TogetherWeCan #UnbrokenWeStand