Cher Looking Fab And Super Sexy At 71

Cher Looking Fab And Super Sexy At 71


Super star Cher performing yesterday at the Billboard award which held  in las Vegas.

While addressing the crowd, she said” i have wanted to this since i was 5 years old and i’ve been doing it for 53 years. I was 71 yesterday’

Cher looked stunning during her twice performance. Cher is 71, but the performance she gave was not 71, she was simply as electrifying as she look.

Cher is a born perform, at age 71, she’s can still hold a crowd, not only with her super sexy outfit The ‘believe singer added that she was quit shocked at her ability to still carry a performance at this age. She went on to say, she thought she would be ‘Dead’ by this time.

No Cher, you are not dead’ rather you looking more beautiful with age.

Still addressing the crowd, Cher had this to say about her mom, ” I want to thank my mom. Because she said you’re not going to be the smartest, the most beautiful, the most talented, but you will be special,’ And she went on to say “I have had so much help, the greatest people to work with.’