CHILD LABOUR: Salt And Pepper Rubbed On Her Wounds After Beating And...

CHILD LABOUR: Salt And Pepper Rubbed On Her Wounds After Beating And Torturing Her


Beaten and tortured  For failing to fill two jars of water. A native of Abia identified as Chibuike Onwuchekwa violently abused  the little girl living with him as a housemaid.  He did not stop at beating her, he went further to inflict a much more unimaginable form of torture on her.

After inflicting cuts on her body cuts, he rubbed a mixture of pepper and salt on the open wounds. Imagine how much pain you feel when your hands come in contact with hot pepper, to now have that rubbed all over raw and fresh wounds, that is some serious pain, my heart goes out to this little girl.

The incident happened at Umuga Ovom in Obingwa Local Government Area of of Abia State.

From report, it was learnt the little child was asked to get water from a nearby tap by the man and his wife before leaving for Sunday church service.

On the couple’s return from church, they learnt the child was unable to fill the jars of water due to the closure of the tap from the person selling the water.

 The man Onwuchekwa descended on the girl and gave her the beating of her life. Pleas from neighbours fell on deaf ear. After the beatings he locked her indoors and left for an event with his wife.

Report claims a resident by name Nkem who felt bad on how the child was tortured alerted the police and informed them on how the girl was beaten up on several occasions and how Onwuchekwa  poured a mixture of pepper and salt on wounds  inflicted on her by the accused.

 According to an insider, the abuse of the little girl has been ongoing, an instance was given, on how the little girl was falsely accused of stealing in school, but was later cleared of the accusation by the school teachers, her proven innocence did not make any difference to Onwuchekwa as he went on to beat and torture the little girl.

Contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Abia State Command, DSP Geoffrey Ogbonna, said he was not aware of the incident.

However, a senior Police officer at the Eastern Ngwa Division confirmed the incident, adding that the girl is receiving medical treatment.