A victim of family abuse and domestic violence

A victim of family abuse and domestic violence


This is Esther a victim of serious child abuse brought into Kuje General hospital yesterday.

According to her, somebody she knows as mother and calls mother did this to her. How can you beat and such wounds on her, what did she do ?



We live in a society where we directly abuse children, in the guise of training and correcting them. This are mostly children of poor relative given out to live with them as helps. To correct a child is not the same as to assault a child, you can’t beat  another woman’s in a way that’s not even acceptable to beat an animal and you call it training or what?


When this happens, it does leaves children damaged and traumatized for a long time, it affects everything they do or become in life, it causes irreparable damage to the child.


Why would a mother figure do this to a child, either biological or foster child? The naivity about child domestic abuse is high.

We don’t know what Esther did that incurred such beating that could leave her with such wounds, but whatever it is she did, it doesn’t warrant such hurt.


Esther needs your help to spread this news so that the appropriate authority can save her. They are trying to cover up her case like every other and in her own case, she may not really belong to this woman.


The woman that did this to Esther is married to a high ranking police officer and they are trying to use position to cover up evil and find tune it.


Like every other child out there going through same plight, they need our voice to save them from this hurt. The wounds might heal, but the scars never fade away, and it leaves a lasting pain in their hearts.


Be a voice against CHILD ABUSE

Say #NoToDomesticViolence


By Aaron Fikayomi for Unbroken Chords


  1. We are living in a WIcked word were people take laws into their hands.whatever Esther must have don to this very woman she call mother does not warrant her to beat her like this living her with Bruises all over her body. Of which she can not beat her biological child like that. May GOD God forgive us our sins.

  2. we need to break the silence some women are heartless when it comes to taking care of another person’s child. is very bad what this woman did to Esther. my advice to most children that are living with parents that are not their biological parents and are been maltreated ,should cry out for help.