CHRIS BAMIDELE: The Things You Must Never Do With The Ex, Move...

CHRIS BAMIDELE: The Things You Must Never Do With The Ex, Move On!

  • Letting your ex be your ex, its best to have a clean break, just move on,No by mistake or i thought we were getting back sexsex, no kissing, no hand-holding, no flirting, no dates, no monkey business at any time, ever!

    But if you still insist that there is no big deal in being friends with your ex, or you must stay in close proximity with them maybe because you both work in the same organisation or something close to that, you might want to keep these rules in mind.

    Being friends with your ex can be a minefield. So, when you are feeling down, or having emotional issues, going to your ex who is now your friend is the wrong move. Simply don’t go to him/her. Keep the friendship simple and without too much emotional entanglement. If you must talk, talk only about shared interests.

    Seek out a love life if you don’t have one: Clear emotional boundaries: Date other people, don’t pretend to be friends with him/her while you wait for him/her to fall in love with you again; if you do that, it’s not truly a friendship, you are just a “Julius Beggar” begging for love. Sorry to break it to you this way.

    • Don’t analyse your relationship with your ex: Avoid analyzing your relationship with your ex turned friend. Do that with your other friends, your therapist, or your journal. Because the more you analyze your current relationship with your ex, the more room you give to your ex to exploit your feelings and the instability in your relationship to take you on another fruitless ride.

Just so you know, the rules above are for people who truly believe they can still be good friends with their exes and still be happy in their relationship. But for me, there are only two rules:

Rule #1 – There’s no such thing as “just friends” between a man and a woman who have previously been having regular sex with each other, or where at least one of them is sexually attracted to the other.

Rule #2First learn rule number 1

In conclusion, holding on to ex-lovers, who has seen you naked, and whom you remember their sexual touch, is a way of not fully letting go. And being in a new relationship while keeping an old lover around as “a friend” begs for trouble; and can cause great distrust, because your partner might also wonder why this particular ex is so important that you can’t fully break things off. So, save yourself heart ache, make new friends, and keep the past where it belongs – in the past. Friends are easy to find, true love isn’t. So, stay away from being too friendly with your ex, it is a recipe for disaster. Stay Safe.