Couple found dead while having sex in the car

Couple found dead while having sex in the car


 A  couple has reportedly died from carbon monoxide poisoning after breathing in exhaust fumes while having sex in their car.

The bodies of the couple were in found in a car at New Taipei, Taiwan which was discovered after cops broke into their locked BMW and found them half-naked and dead.

Metro UK stated that the woman’s head was lying on top of the man’s lap in the car, both were naked. It was obvious what they were doing before they died.

The man has been identified by his surname Song and the woman as Chen.


Some few month ago, there was news all over the media of a couple who both got drunk and were both  found in the middle of the road with the trouser of the guy pulled down and the face of the girl in his p***s. Although this two were not found dead but they cause a lot of hold up on the road that police had to intervene.

 By Kadiri Manfred.

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  1. sex and its troubles… get control and stop trying too much new things u know little or nothing about. see now u guys have die now, who we na continue your generation?… two craze

  2. People die a lot this days all in the name of trying new “crazy” things. Its not such a bad thing to explore new ways of doing things but utmost care should be taken to avoid a disaster.