Couple sexually molest a baby as told by a native doctor, to...

Couple sexually molest a baby as told by a native doctor, to enable wife get pregnant


A Kano state based businessman has been arrested for allegedly raping a six months old baby with the support of his wife.

According to Aishat Alubankudi(real name), the human right activist who reported the sordid incident.

The baby girl who was identified as Khadijah Bashir (real name) was sexually molested by the man who is the husband of her mother’s friend.

The couple who committed this unforgivable crime on this 6-month old baby, we gathered have been married for years but their dream of having a child has not been answered so they both took to visiting a native doctor who suggested to both of them to look for a 6-month old child and that the man should have sex with her.

This the native doctor said will enable them to have their own children. Talk of fetishises! The callous and wicked brainwashed couple actually went on to do this.

I had goose pimples when the report of this heinous crime got to me.

The question is, what power does a native doctor have to produce a baby ? On what premise was this belief based..witchcraft to sorcery or oracle divination, that led this  perverse couple to commit this sickening crime.

‘Men has attributed the power of the one true God to a man that was created by the creator neglecting the better source of having their request met’

The wife of the man who committed this crime is a friend to the mother of the 6-month old baby. She went to the woman’s house all in the pretext to help look after her baby for her the day.

While  the mother of the baby went about some errands, she took the baby to her own house, she called for her husband, who then went on to rape the poor child, with the assistance of the wife.

The suspect who is a very influence man has hired 10 lawyers to defend him in court. The traumatised baby is being treated at the hospital in Kano after under going surgery.

The victims parents are unable to hire any legal representative due to lack of funds.

What kind of insanity drives a couple to commit such a crime. The fact that they have ten lawyers defending them speaks volumes on how broken our today’s society really is.

 By Pat A


  1. These is the height of wickedness and him and his wife shouldn’t go unpunished. Impatient couples rather that waiting for God’s time you decided to take laws into their hands and raping a six month innocent child that is the height of wickedness.
    Justice needs to prevail and all those lawyer that he hired to judge the case they shall also rape all your generation is not a cause is just the true facts some that is unpleasant to the hear you heard it and cover up the evil act the law of Kamar will definitely caught up with you all.
    Please say no to domestic violence and child abuse. Thanks