Court may charge secondary school boys for attempted rape

Court may charge secondary school boys for attempted rape


When we think on the path our so called “leaders of tomorrow” are taking, you can’t help but expect mayhem in the future.

Some Graduating students from Ireti Grammar School, Falomo, Lagos State, might be charged with attempted rape and assault if found guilty after police investigations. -Sources report
Investigations show that some of the pupils might well be over 18 and stand to get a sentence of 14years behind bars if convicted.

Sources report that the boys, after concluding with their final waec examinations, painted the school with chaos as they started hunting down girls while attempting to rape them.

An eye witness reported how she saw the alleged boys running around in groups as they chased down innocent girls and tried to rape them. A video was recorded by several eye witnesses but none have been disclosed on social media for the security of the victims.

However, not only the police are involved in this case, the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team ( DSVRT) of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Lagos State Deputy Governor are quite in hot pursuit for justice to be served.
This is a very sensitive case as it involves underage children, so it is not clear if any full prosecution will be served.

Nevertheless, we at unbrokenchords think more sensitization should be given to schools on sexual violence and pupils should be engaged to kick against it, even as we do our part here.

Let’s kick against this, Let’s kick against sexual Violence.
Let’s stay #Unbroken


  1. Graduates indeed!!!do something before these group of boys become nuisance plus to d already disturbed society