Court orders woman to refund N60,000 dowry after dissolving her marriage to...

Court orders woman to refund N60,000 dowry after dissolving her marriage to lawyer.


The marriage of a 25 year old woman, Zainab Abdullahi, to a 30 year old Lawyer, Usman Ahmed, was dissolved on Friday, the 21st of april by a Jos upper area court in Plateau state due to circumstances the judge described as “ the union being totally collapsed”.

The Judge, Yahaya mohammed pronounced the marriage as failed and there by dissolved before the court. He then ordered Zainab to refund the dowry paid by Usman  when he got married to her.

Zainab told the court that she is ready to pay an entire refund of N60000 provided the marriage is dissolved, as she has since fell out of love for her now ex-husband, which is why she sort a dissolution of the marriage in the first place.

Mr Usman Ahmed on the other hand, through his counsel, protested that he allegedly paid N400,000 and not N60,000. He said his wife left their matrimonial home while he was away, writing his final examinations at the Nigerian law school, Baguada in Kano. Hearing of his wife wanting to end the marriage at a crucial point of his life really traumatized him.

Mr Usman Ahmed tried all ways he could think of to salvage the marriage, but all effort proved futile as the wife said she no longer loved him. On that note, Mr Usman decided that if she wants to walk out then fine, but she must refund the money he paid as dowry back to him.

According to Islamic law which binds them, the wife can only refund what she can handle and nothing more.  Zainab’s counsel, Mr Bako, insisted that his client did not just run off for no reason. He went on to say that her husband of one year, Mr Usman, abandoned her severally and subjected her to traumatic stress and so she had to leave.

Mr Usman’s counsel, Mr Idoko on the other hand regarded all allegations of mrs Zainab being put through trauma as false. Mr Idoko however agreed to lower the monetary demand form N400,000 to N350,000.

The judge however, said:” By this, it is obvious that the marriage between them is no more harmonious. I hereby declare the marriage between Ahmed and Zainab dissolved while the petitioner (Zainab), is hereby ordered to pay N60,000 to the respondent (Ahmed),” Mr. Mohammed declared.

Mr Bako expressed satisfaction to the judgement, which he described as “very apt and well considered.