Disturbing images, readers discretion advised!! Another Victim Of Domestic Violence

Disturbing images, readers discretion advised!! Another Victim Of Domestic Violence


35years old Ghanaian man, Isaac kills his Nigerian girlfriend during a fight in Accra

  To those who called me out for only highlighting the plight of women on domestic violence, this is the reason why, 99% of  domestic violence related news have women as the victims. Those who survived to tell their stories to those who their stories are being told to the public by loved ones because they did not survive it.

                                                       35yrs old  victim in her pool of blood                                                        

look at her, lifeless, cold dead, killed by a man who claimed to love her. what possible offence did she commit to warrant death, a brutal and painful death. at what point did the animal who did this did not think to stop, what evil possess a ma to do this?

This is somebody daughter!

This is what I don’t get, and this is coming from loads of comment left by page Visitor on FB . From some comments, it’s so glaring that men are really trying or wanting to justly why women are beaten and some went as far as offering solutions to women to avoid beatings . This woman was beaten to death by her boyfriend by an animal who felt he had justifiable reason to, maybe she did not show enough respect to him or suspected she was cheating on him or what i ask…..

I guess women should be beaten to death like animals simply because they are weaker in strength. to avoid not beaten or mauled to death, they should always play a lesser being to the men in their lives.

 Domestic Violence is a pandemic that has to be stopped, too many women are dying daily from this, society needs to stand up, do more to curb this terrorism in our homes.