Domestic Violence: She Survived The Beating, Her Unborn Child Did Not

Domestic Violence: She Survived The Beating, Her Unborn Child Did Not


“Keep quiet!!! he yelled at her, I will teach you how not to talk back at me when I speak, punches her, as heavy as the pregnancy she was carrying, he just kept hitting her from every angle, she was breathing and panting, words failed her, the only thing coming out of her mouth was neighbours!!!! Neighbours!!!

He kicked her on her Stomach, hard, caring less about her fragile state. It was as if he was  deliberately wanting to end the life of  her and the unborn child. As with most times, before he could get control of his anger, before neighbours who she so desperately saw as her saviour could swoop in to rescue her, only this this time, it was too late, before neighbours could rescue her as always, the harm has already being done, she was pregnant, unlike before, she could tough out the beating but how can a fragile baby survive that? The life of the unborn child was cut short.”  YES SHE LOST THE PREGNANCY. ( As told by an eye witness )


Any man that  beats on a pregnant women is truly evil!!

The delicate nature of a woman plus the fact she is nurturing another life is enough for any cold hearted, wicked and evil man not to hit or beat her. This was sent in by a concerned next door neighbor. this man should be tied up and thrown into a pit.


Fear of the unknown plus lack of support is the reason why most abused women stay in abusive relationship or marriage. where would I go to, who will take care of me and my children.S

Sadly as in most cases, some women actually cling to abusive men because they don’t want to be seen as failures or not good enough to be in a man’s house hence they keep on keeping quiet, putting up a front that all is well until the unthinkable happen.

If only this victim had spoken out or asked for help, I believe she  would have found it. Don’t think of what people will say, think of you, your wellbeing, the same people that you don’t want to give them something to talk about will be the same people that will blame you first.

She would have been told later on ‘you  should have left this man’ ‘look at what he has caused now’  ‘why are you with a man who beats you like this? So on and so forth.

Even worst, some women still remain in such marriages, they just stay, in most times you cant really blame them, its lack of option!

As a survivor, I know its not as easy as said, leaving an abusive relationship or marriage takes a lot of will power and determination.

To all victims out there, please find that inner strength, walk away, don’t be scared of the unknown, best you take your chances, walk that unknown path, trust me you will find helpers on the path.

The world is full of kind hearted people, all you have to do, is tell them you story.Speak out, THE LOTUS VOICES WIL SPEAK AND WALK THAT PATH WITH YOU.#TogetherWeCan