EDO-STATE; BOB IZUA Wife Dies In Gas Explosion

EDO-STATE; BOB IZUA Wife Dies In Gas Explosion


  CHEIF OSAMEDE ADUN, Popular known and called BOB IZUA  has lost his wife  in a gas explosion related accident.

Consolatory messages have been pouring in from family and friends of Cheif Osamede Adun, the popular Benin transporter called.

His wife Lilian Ehiwenma Adun is reported to have died in a gas explosion on Monday in Benin city where the chief hails from and resides in.

These are really not the best of times for the popular Benin chief. Last month the multi purpose shopping mall unit belonging to the chief which was under construction was demolished over night.

The shopping complex which was still under construction was rumoured to have being demolished under the directives of the  governor Obaseki led Edo government on the ground that he did not secure approval of required documents for permission before embarking on construction.

Not much information is being given on how the gas explosion that claimed the life of the popular Edo state chief and transporter wife, Lillian Ehiwema Adun happened.

She was a mother to six children.

May her soul rest in peace.

She left behind 6 children.

May her soul Rip.