Ex beauty Queen goes nude in celebration of her birthday.

Ex beauty Queen goes nude in celebration of her birthday.


As disgraceful as the act of flaunting nudity on social media is, the unfortunate thing is that the celebrities who do it, either male or female, know that society is only hypocritical in their judgment, because soon, the brands will soon start queuing behind same stars for endorsement.

BBNaija star T-Boss who says she isn’t bothered by baring it all is the toast of some of these brands at the moment. Just rubbishes the whole anti-public obscenity talk, right?

A one-time beauty queen, Face of Candy City 2015, Onyinye Ilechukwu, also known as Queen Somma, on the occasion of her birthday yesterday released a batch of nude photos online with some silly guise of tattoo art painting inscribed on her body.

Posting on her gram, she shared the following photo slide and captioned it thus: “IF YOU HAVE LOVE FOR ART CLICK THE ❤ BUTTON AND ROCK MY BOAT. BODY PAINTING SLAYAGE”

Onyinye, who apart from winning the beauty pageant has faded into oblivion had decided to resurrect her celebrity status by going the Kardashian way. I believe you know when i mean the Kardashian way. Unfortunately for her, the corruption that has eaten deep into Nigerian politics has not gotten to same level in society where her show of shame will be celebrated. Such desperation for the spotlight and money can only bring disgrace to anyone who toes that line.

These celebrities are suppose to be role model, but instead they have become a public show of themselves.

( By Kadiri Manfred )