Father Beheads Son For Money Making Ritual

Father Beheads Son For Money Making Ritual



Reports trending on social media says that a 31year Old Ghanaian man by name Abdul Salam , who’s a farmer has been arrested for cutting off the head of his 6 year-old son and legs at Adidaase, Amanso Amenfi in Wassa Amenfi of Western Region, of  Ghana.

 He deceived the mother of the child that he was travelling with the little boy , only to return back home without the child.

After several attempts from the boy’s mother as to the whereabouts of her child, she became suspicious  that something may have happened to her child.

 Upon question from the child’s  mother,  he lied that the child died on the journey and he had to bury him on  his way. The shocking news made the woman scream and neighbours gather to find out why she was crying.

The residents on hearing the story,  led the man to the alleged grave , where the child was buried.  On digging the body of the child from where the father had buried him, his lifeless body was stuck in a fertiliser sack and his head and legs decapitated from the rest of his body.

After thorough questioning from the father who killed his child, he agreed to have done this, following the instructions of a native doctor whom he went to for money rituals. And requested he brings the head, and legs of his  own son.

 The body of the child has been deposited in the morgue for autopsy and the father is currently in the police custody.  Investigation is on going.