Cleric Caught On Camera Enforcing Arranged Marriage.

Cleric Caught On Camera Enforcing Arranged Marriage.


In Melbourne, the police have reportedly arrested an Islamic cleric after he was caught when allegedly forcing a 14 year-old girl to get married to a man old enough to be her father in a Mosque.

It was gathered that  the Islamic cleric was caught on camera during the  marriage ceremony.

Findings during investigation revealed the groom allegedly gave out $1,480 gold necklace to the girl’s mother before taking the step.

After the viral report, the 62 year-old Imam, Ibrahim Omerdic was arrested and accused of forcing a minor to enter into a marriage agreement.

A total of 23 children wed in illegal ceremonies who were under the age of 16, including four under the age of ten.

‘It is deeply disturbing to think little girls pre-puberty are being considered for marriage and for people to be organising that marriage,’ FACS Minister Pru Goward told the network.

Laura Vidal from anti-slavery group The Freedom Partnership said children being forced into marriage leads to serious impacts.

‘The long term impacts of people being forced into marriage can be quite serious including forced or unwanted pregnancies, withdrawal from education,’ she said.

She answers ‘yes’ and is told by the Imam that as a wife, she now has a duty to ‘obey’ her husband.

Family and Communities Services received 60 reports of illegal ceremonies involving 57 children between 30 December 2014 and January 31 2017, 7 News reported.

In video shown in court and obtained by 7 News, a timid teenage girl sits quietly as her groom-to-be signs papers presented by the Imam.

But come to think of it, how can a mother gave out her own daughter for  exchange of money. The little girl would have been better in school with her mate learning, rather than been sold out to a man who is  old enough to be her father.

Now, this will serve as a warning and a deterrent to any one who go about giving out our young women into marriage without their