Gang of 11, Assault And Gang-Rape 22-Year Old Woman

Gang of 11, Assault And Gang-Rape 22-Year Old Woman


A 22 year old woman has allegedly just been assaulted and raped by a gang of men at  Mnyama Ndawo corner, in Johannesburg-South Africa.

ENCA reports that police have made 11 arrest but investigations are still ongoing as to the crime commited. ENCA also reported that Police spokesperson, Xoli Mbele said the arrests were made in the early hours of Monday morning.

“It is alleged that suspects raped a 22-year-old female,” said Mbele.

He explained that the rape victim was on her way from work with a Male coworker when they were blocked and harassed by the 11 suspects.

One of the Gang members, put a gun to the male co-worker’s head while the victim was dragged off to a dark alley where she was raped continuously by each of them.

Mbele, also said that the suspects also stole a cell phone and cash from the victim.

However, the victim is expected to appear in a court soon as she is still undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The rate at which Rape cases keep popping up in Africa nowadays is quite alarming, we keep hearing about pedophiles who assault and rape kids, serial rapists on the loose and there’s hardly any swift justice for the victim.

The law just keeps stalling all in the name of “gathering evidence” and in that course, the victim is stressed to the limit trying to get Justice and at the end might not have enough resources at their disposal to go through with it.

Strict laws should be developed as to scare assaulters and implementation and execution should equally be speedy and effectual.