Girl 13, Raped By 42-year Old Man, Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Girl 13, Raped By 42-year Old Man, Gives Birth To Baby Girl


Endurance, a girl of 13 years old, who was allegedly raped and impregnated by a Tailor of 42 years, who stays on her street in Ajamgbadi area of Lagos state, has reportedly given birth to a healthy looking Baby Girl on May 4th, 2017.

Sources report that the 13 year-old, who is currently in Primary 5, was alleged to have been raped by a 42 year old Man, Lucky Emmanuel.

She was rescued by the now active social welfare team of the office of the Public defender, who rescued her from Mr. Emmanuel’s house at Ogunyemi street, Sabo Ajamgbadi, as Police officers consequently arrested the suspect and took him into Police custody.

Endurance was later transported to the  Transit home for trafficked children and victims of Domestic Violence Iyana-Ipaja.

Emmanuel in his account reportedly said that he used to patronize Endurance anytime she hawked her plantain chips past his shop after school hours and that he had known her for about 6 months.

He revealed that he was a  divorcee with 2 kids and subsequently  slept with endurance between August and September. However he denied knowing Endurance’s real Age, and after hearing news she was pregnant, he paid a bride price of #34,000 amongst other amount of money he paid for antenatal.


He claimed he and the girl’s family had already concluded plans for him to marry endurance but was surprised when he was informed that her school had reported to the authorities and that she was too young to get married.

Even though, Emmanuel claimed he did not know her real age, is not enough reason to engage or rape an underage girl who is clearly under 18.

We at Unbrokenhords also think the Family should be questioned as they seemed almost too eager to marry out their 13 year old to a 42 year old man.

Nothing in this story seems right except the fact that the case has and is being handled effectively by the appropriate authorities.


-Igbokah E.E for UnbrokenChords