He Was Going To Rape Me, I Had To Jump: Diary Of...

He Was Going To Rape Me, I Had To Jump: Diary Of Me


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It happened a second time and on his third trial I ran away. He sent their house help one day while i played with my brothers in the rain to come call me so we can do our usual. My brothers went to him and asked and he lied that it was a card we played and then i will play dress up with his sisters cloths.

My mother heard and called me that night. she prayed and opened the bible and read about the curse of any one who commits incest and asked if i was sleeping with my cousin or if he touched me. I couldn’t tell cause i was so afraid. Mum is struggling to care for us. Dad isnt around. if she gets taken to prison my siblings will suffer. i would die and be peaceful. but they will not. and i didnt want that so i just said no.

she checked me that night and told me to go bath and never play with my virginity. its important and good for Godly girls.

i cried myself to sleep. Monday she enrolled me into a secondary school. no good facilities cause they where still budding. i did not like the school. it felt like going back to primary 4. i would top the class along with a girl back then and the third position till tenth where like 10miles away from our score.

But it kept me outside till mum got home. by my 13 year. i was termed beautiful by all who saw me. but i had fear for men i just wanted someone to talk to. Then came junior waec. and i was home again. but i feared home. so i would leave and go to a woman who gave birth to twins and had no helper. mum was annoyed. i was exposing my self to boys and the street isnt good for me. i could not explain why so i just shut my mouth and still kept sneaking out. The house was a reminder and it was swallowing me up

To worsen the case another neighbour brought his brother and he too tried to abuse me. i had go to pour dirty water away cause our sink leaked and he screamed come and see o. i rushed off and there he pressed me against the wall and tried to kiss me. i ran away and left the bucket. mum came home and beat me for leaving the bucket. the guy told her i forgot it down stairs and she did not ask why. so i shut my mouth.

He tried a second time. told me my brothers asked me to collect movies and keep for them and he was leaving so i should come get it. i came and he pointed at it. as i bent to pick it he grabbed me from behind. i struggled and in the process broke their t. v and ran.

I told my younger sister and she told me he tried to get her too and also tried to get my rich cousin’s house help. i never asked if he succeeded with any of them but right now i wish i did. i hope none of my sisters have been abused. its hard to live with it. So all 3 of us declared him diseased and avoided him like a plague.

By 15. i was approached by a guy. He asked me out. it felt good to be asked out and not grabbed. he treated me with respect and told his parents he would marry me when he has money. His family loved me and treated me well. His sister and i are still best of friends though he is married today. One day he tried to kiss me. i told him i was a virgin and would prefer to learn that in marriage. He agreed and never tried it again. but he told me something, he said i was bet upon by his friends to the person who beds the preachers daughter a price will be given but in trying to woo me he fell for me instead. So he broke the bet in my presence and his friends mocked him.

i was in ss 2 by then. full of hope of a good home where the man i love takes me home after the wedding and shows me things. But that year i got abused at school. The entire SS  2 boys where annoyed. while girls crushed and fell for them i was not moved but seemed to see them as kids. Send moral notes in place of reply for love advances and preaching to a guy who dared approach me. Staying on my own or with my few friends and not looking their way. During our sports program one of them told me to go get my bag and books as our form teacher said she will be going soon and wont drop the key.

i ran back to class only to meet a guy there he was seated and had his head bent but as i went to the back seat i stayed it to get my bag he stood up and locked the door.

i pleaded with him but he said things. about how he watched me swaying my hip at them when i pass. looking so beautiful and it getting to my head. feeling better than every one where as i was a whore. no girl can have hips like yours and not be doing it. Today he will shame me and prove to me that if other boys ignore my attitude he wont.

luckily the window on the other side of the class was not locked and it had a ledge. i threw my bag down the one storey and climbed the ledge and just then the  security man saw me and came. he stood there as i jumped down the low one storey and i got caned for jumping down from the class room. Till we left the school the guy and i never saw eye to eye and he told his friends stories about him and i.