HORROR: Jilted Boyfriend Raped, killed And Fed Girlfriend’s Body To Dogs

HORROR: Jilted Boyfriend Raped, killed And Fed Girlfriend’s Body To Dogs


A pained jilted boyfriend by name Sumit Kuma, who could not accept the fact that his girlfriend rejected proposal of marriage decided to revenge on her daring to refuse his marriage request. and.

He had her raped and killed

He had proposed marriage to the young lady. The young lady refusal was based on the fact that Sumit Kuma had no paying job and this the girl deemed vital before any plans of marriage can be proposed.

Sumit Kumar who initially thought she was joking, first stormed her home to threaten her , for her refusal to marry him.

Suma and six of his friends waited for her on her way to work, abducted her in a car from Sonipat and driven her to Rohtak.

 He then proceeded to ask her one last time to marry him, she rejected him. And that angered him. Together with his six friends, they all gang-raped her,  tortured her with sharp- edged objects and proceeded to smash her skull with bricks, when she threatened to report them to the police.

They further drove a car over her head to prevent her body from been easily identified. Before distributing her her remains to dogs to feed on.

Her body was later discovered getting torn apart and eaten by dogs.

The police said;

We have recovered victim’s body who was later identified as a resident of Kalupur Chungi area of Sonipat. The investigation is on going and we have arrested the prime accused Sumit and his accomplice, Vikas.

“Sumit has confessed to the crime and told us that they killed the victim after raping her,’ Ajay Kumar said.”

The autopsy report found her skull was smashed in an attempt to disfigure her.

‘The postmortem has revealed that the victim was first intoxicated by mixing sedatives in a soft drink. It is believed that the victim was raped and killed after she fell unconscious.’

‘Her head has been crushed brutally,’ said senior professor and forensic medicine expert Dr SK Dhatarwal.’

‘We have also found broken bones. The accused indulged in this brutal act to deface her.’

This is very harrowing to read. I hope justice is well served.