My Husband Starves Me And Calls Me A Witch: Cry Of A...

My Husband Starves Me And Calls Me A Witch: Cry Of A Pregnant Women


I want to remain anonymous. I got married December 2016 and am pregnant for my husband but i can’t tell what the problem is, he’s very quarrelsome and keeping malice with me no matter how I plead to make peace reign.

He abuses me and calls me a witch not withstanding am pregnant even when I am sick, I have been enduring it but it got worst.

Lately he told me that even if heaven comes down that he won’t forgive me  because I hissed, I have caught him calling many girls and even hugging one of them.

Now he starves me and I don’t know what to do please I need advice because I want to quit after delivery please advice.

I have called my family members and they say I should come home but i don’t have any kobo with me and things are not good with them either.

I will be 6 months soon and he said he is not interested in the marriage also, going back I will starve andsuffer the more staying here is same but I have decided to stay with him until delivery then quit.

Please I need someone to make me happy I don’t know what to do again.

To be honest with you, you already have an option here, good that you reached out to your parents and they did not try to convince you to stay, they have done the best thing a parent can ever do for their child, they have asked you to return home.

The aspect of not having enough to eat should not even arise under this circumstances as you need to put your unborn child first, you have to do the wise thing here and that is accepting your parents offer to return home, believe me, no mattar how poor they are, they will find a way to take care of you and the unborn child and will continue to do so after give birth.

A pregnant women needs all the care and support she can get, first from the husband and other family members, it’s foremost the responsibility of a husband to care for a wife and more especially during pregnancy.

This man you call your husband is doing none of this, rather he’s giving you additional stress by constantly fighting with you and refusing to talk to you, Ms, emotional abuse has far more damaging consequence than it seems. He’s told you bluntly of his lack of interest in the marriage, what else do you want to hear?

Please leave your honest advice for this women in the comment section. An advice that will help save her life and that of the unborn child.


  1. You should learn to pray by putting God first in all you do,my advice for you is to be strong and never give up and as for your child God is in control