A ‘Husband’ Did This To His Wife, With A Hot Iron

A ‘Husband’ Did This To His Wife, With A Hot Iron



I hope the animal who did this will be locked away forever.

The story was shared on Social media by Teniola Enitan  Ayinla, a Lawyer,  though much insight wasn’t given on what really transpired between the woman and her husband to have been subjected to such an inhumane treatment

  She wrote;

Say No to violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her husband used hot iron on her, Marriage no be by force o….. It is better to be single and be happy than be married and be miserable just because you want to bear the name Mrs…. If a man beats you once you are a victim….. He beat you twice you want it…. The third and counting you are comfortable with it….you no longer a victim anymore…. A man that use you as punching bag will one day not be satisfied with using his hands or belt anymore. He will use something stronger like bottle, iron rod, cutlass…..which you may never recover from. And trust me, he will not even wait for your body to get familiar with the ground before he will get another woman to replace you…. This time he might not even touch her hair. Stop giving flimsy excuses and run for your life o. There are things you need to run from before you even start praying for that person to change………….

The Bible says women are wicker vessels