Ilorin Airforce brutality, Victims want Justice

Ilorin Airforce brutality, Victims want Justice


It was indeed another sad event as civilians got opressed and abused by Airforce Personnels in Ilorin on 17th november 2018.

The Air force personnels thought themselves above the law and took laws into their own hands as they brutalized civilians who were building on a land they were innocently employed to build on by another civilian.

They (Air force Personnels) allegedly claimed the land was theirs and the civilians were trespassers .

Sources claim there was no prior warning, and the personnels took the civilians off guard.

The builders had to run for their lives but the unlucky ones were heavily brutalized by the personnels.

The affected victims have since been trying to draw the attention of senate president representing ilorin- Bukola Saraki, and the state Governor to look into the matter and ensure due Justice is served.