India Law Prohibits 10 year Old Rape Victim From Getting Abortion

India Law Prohibits 10 year Old Rape Victim From Getting Abortion


A  10 year old girl in India who was raped over and over again by her stepfather  and is now 5 months pregnant, has pleaded to her indian doctors  for an immediate abortion as she is scheduled to deliver in 4months time.

Her stepfather  was arrested by the police but has not yet been persecuted due to imminent full police investigation. Sources reports that she has pleaded to the doctors for an abortion has she does not wish to keep the baby.

However, going by Indian Law, it is prohibited to abort a pregnancy after  20 weeks of conceiving unless the woman’s life is at risk. Therefore, her plea for abortion is at the mercy of the court.

This  Law, no matter how odd it sounds, was put into motion to effectively combat the abortion of female foetuses as mothers wanted sons and not daughters. The law was an effective step in the fight against gender discrimination in india as a preference for male children  over female children was on the rise in india.

The doctors are reportedly trying to build a case for the 10 year old but it is  unclear how many weeks pregnant she is, as there is no technology to pin point accurately the date of conception, this implies that by being  5months pregnant she might either be 20 weeks in or 21 weeks into the pregnancy.

This puts her at a 50-50 chance of winning the case and getting an abortion.