Indian Govt: Citizens don’t have absolute right over their bodies

Indian Govt: Citizens don’t have absolute right over their bodies


A mass protest is ongoing on the social media especially on twitter on the new AADHAR scheme which is meant to be the new unique identification authority of India.

The AADHAR was first introduced as a refined version to the USA’s Social security Number (SSN) but as the indian government reveals insights on the program, it is clear that the AADHAR and SSN differ in many distinct ways which would be stated shortly.

1. The AADHAR collects biometric data while SSN does not.


2. Indian Government have made AADHAR compulsory for all residents of India who have spent up to 186 days in the country, while SSN has been restricted by several laws in the state and is for only citizens.


3. The AADHAR scheme links biometric data to bank records, PAN card, ration card and many more, while SSN is for only federal agencies who utilize the data at an organizational level.


Citizens of India have since kicked against this as they protest especially on the issue of biometrics.


@Timesgroup reports: “people can’t say no to iris scans, finger printing, AG says to SC”


The center Govt. told the supreme court that the thought of one having absolute right over one’s body is in fact a myth and not practical.

Most indians are not pleased with this development and so are openly kicking against it.

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