Is Kylie the most hottest of the kardashian sisters

Is Kylie the most hottest of the kardashian sisters


In a series of photo shoot for flaunt magazine, Kylie is all doled up in different sexy swimsuits, well that’s the Kardashian sisters trademark , no surprise there.Kylie shared this very sultry  pictures on  her instagram page. There is no denying the fact, she looked stunning.

Kylie who is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters has seen her profile risen past her eldest sisters, her transition from a young naive girl to one of the most sort after poster image for  sultriness caught the interest of many, with most disaproving.

The Kylie fever is not cooling down anytime, every product with Kylie name or endorsment  is a sell out. She is worth millions of dollars, recently broke up with her boyfriend of over two years, rumoured to be currently dating another rapper with similar looks to her former boyfriend.

Is she the hottest of the Kardashian sisters… i don’t know…people see beauty differently and moreover there is hardly a natural one among the sisters, maybe i will go with kendell as the hottest sister as she’s the only one still with all natural body, Courtney would have made my list but she’s admitted to having breast implants… so there we have it..Kendel is my first choice.

By Pat A