Jose Mourinho Still Can’t Manage Eden Hazard Even After Chelsea Sacking!

 Jose Mourinho Still Can’t Manage Eden Hazard Even After Chelsea Sacking!


The Belgian has been a major concern for the Portuguese manager every time his Manchester United have faced Chelsea this season and Tony Evans of the Evening Standard believes there’s every chance it will continue.

“Since leaving Chelsea, Mourinho has not enjoyed his encounters with the winger,” Evans wrote. “In their first Premier League meeting in October, Hazard’s movement, pace and trickery confounded the United defence as the Blues routed their rivals 4-0. Last month in the FA Cup quarter-finals the Special One had a special plan for the Belgian — kick him up in the air. The United players appeared to be working to a rota, taking turns to rough up Hazard in the hope that the referee would not notice the persistent targeting of Chelsea’s danger man. That did not succeed and Mourinho was lucky to leave west London with a 1-0 defeat. United could have been embarrassed again.”

There’s definitely a lot at stake when Chelsea visit Old Trafford on Sunday for both clubs and for both men in question.

“Hazard would enjoy denting United’s top four hopes almost as much as Mourinho would relish stopping Chelsea’s title charge,” Evans added. “Before the FA Cup tie last month there was a buzz around Stamford Bridge. The word was that the 26-year-old was ready to put on a show against his former boss. It was payback time. From the moment he sprinted out of the tunnel for his warm-up, Hazard looked like a man on a mission. If he approaches the match at Old Trafford in the same manner then Mourinho is in trouble.”

It’s difficult to see how Mourinho and his guys can contain the Belgian.

“Can the United manager put the brakes on his former player?” Evans asked. “The only time Mourinho has been able to stop Hazard was when he was manager of Chelsea. Then he could bench the winger. When the pair have been in opposition, Mourinho’s plans have proved merely to be a brutal form of damage limitation.

“The Chelsea man is unplayable at his best. Old Trafford is the perfect stage for him to put on a show. He could leave United’s top-four hopes in ruins. If Hazard’s heart is set on proving his ex-boss wrong, then Mourinho has only himself to blame.”

By Frank Iyke


  1. Chelsea players and chelsea fans have something in common: Ingrates!!!
    All of a sudden mourinho is now “judas” right?

  2. Most times words doesnt mean the was aas said. Mourinho will always remain the special one in the hearts of chelsea fans and players he mannaged during his first stinct at stanford bridge.

  3. @Niyi…am sure you never bother to follow up on all the nasty things Mou has been saying about Chelsea? The fans’ reaction is only a reaction to his disrespectful jibes at the club!

  4. @GSR exactly what are the nasty things Jose has said abt chelsea fans? Can u pls kindly list them here. As far as i knw, Jose was only throwing normal jabs at chelsea coach Conte and not chelsea fans. That is normal stuff coaches do…its called mind game! Rafa did it, Fergie did it. But chelsea fans just took matters in to there hands. You chelsea fans nawaooo

  5. When I hear a Man U fan talk, I get it straight away. Were u not Man U fans that rain abuses on Mou,, when he was Chelsea boss, why is it different now? Gentlemen, the man is in the opposing side and he should be treated as such. This is the man that said Chelsea fans are the best in the world when he was at the club, but turned around to say Man U fans are best when he became Man U boss. At every given opportunity, he throw jibs at Chelsea, change of loyalty is the name of the game, I have no problem with it. If Mou can change his loyalty, why is it wrong for Chelsea fans to do the same? Look at what is happening at Arsenal, Wenger virtually carried the club on his shoulder for over 20 years, but look at the treatment he is getting from the fans. Gentlemen, football is a game of results, not the once you had yesterday, but your current score sheet determine the kind of treatment you get. Even when Mou almost dragged Chelsea to relegation last season, the fans stood by him.

  6. @ Kenneth, ur point is valid. But truth remains that chelsea fans went too far with their hatred on the best manager they ever had. Jose was just doing his job. Simple as that

  7. Niyi who u epp?Abeg go baff n face ur book,man u fans never criticise jose defensive tactics at chelsea abi?,no play rough football u hail him abeg clear one side.

  8. Shantau whats ur point exactly? Shebi Mourinho has finally shut u chelsea fans up! Hes shown that hes still got it. Truth is chelsea fans are just ingrates. U guyz jus hating on mourinho for nothing.